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Don't worry Jen... I'm so getting you the camo ones they had AND THEY GLOW IN THE DARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In other news, I need to fix the slipcover on my loveseat.


I guess it came out not TOO bad. I think it looks aight.
Ya, I am naked, I actually had to crop out the TITTAYS.

My Sweet Prince

Man, I just can't get enough of these guys or androgynous men in general.


Man I'm thankful to not have facial hair, a smelly vagina, irregular periods and STD's. Thank you

vaginapagina  for making me realise this.</div>

Barbie Christmas Tree

I wanted a christmas tree and this one screamed my name.


So in one of Jens entries she had mentioned the Loch Ness monster and now I have a bunch of Nessie advertisements on the top of my page. THANKS A LOT. douchebag.


So I got my little brother Red Hot Chili Pepper nesting dolls for Christmas off of Ebay. I hope he looooves them!

Plus what the fuck is up with this seller "protecting" their page? I hate using the Print Screen button.

Oooooh Soft!

So I changed my mind. For Christmas I want ANYTHING from this store. If you know me, you know I love 2 things... Elvis and velvet paintings.

The Velvet Store 

Here is a Sample of their wares.


Ghetto Fun Times

Sooooooo Kelli and I went on a super shopping adventure yesterday. The things that made it super are as follows.

1. The eating people meat sign at Famous Daves in Woodbridge

2. Balls hanging off of this truck

3. Ghetto puffer jumpsuits... HOT


4. Driving next to a mirrored truck, yeah, it was fucking weird.

yup, that's kelli's car driving right next to us and up that's us in the car next to us.

All in all it was an excellent day.

Last Night.

Things I did last night
1. looked at an assortment of vaginas. 
2. looked for a minivan
3. looked at transgendered men

A special thanks goes out to Jen for making me a lesbian.